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A wish to seize reality, an incessant search for important and relevant topics, artistic freedom, filmmakers who have final say on their films, these have been Les Productions du Rapide-Blanc’s guidelines since 1984.

Founded by Sylvie Van Brabant and Serge Giguère, this independent company has become a platform for social, political and artistic works that are pertinent, eloquent and poetic, daring to tackle controversial issues as well as give the public films with deep cultural and social values.
Their cinematography is in direct line with that of innovators such as Perrault, Groulx and Brault at the NFB, whose work defined the unique approach and style of Quebec’s “cinéma vérité.”

This is a vision they have shared with the young and seasoned filmmakers they have produced over the past twenty-five years. Rapide-Blanc is a complete production facility with the equipment and expertise available to capture and deliver subjects while they are hot, and to invest in the ideals that underlie their films.

If Rapide-Blanc has lasted so long it is because they are close to people and to militant community groups; this attentiveness can be seen in the intuitive movement of the camera and the trust and complicity that inhabits the people they put on the screen. Rapide-Blanc is a group of creative individuals concerned with human rights and the expression of progressive collective values, ready to play a significant role in social, environmental and political questions.

Above all, Rapide-Blanc is about respect for the creative process and for the many individuals involved in making a good film.