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Ecoclip 01: Hubert Reeves and David Suzuki







This Ecoclip was shot during the major Climate Alert conference by Hubert Reeves and David Suzuki, which took place at the Montreal Palais des Congrès on October 26th 2005. There were 3400 people in attendance to hear their forecast on climate change.



At Productions du Rapide-Blanc, we have decided to do our part to improve the environment by reducing our ecological footprint. In addition to producing films that engage popular reflection on social issues, we are the first production company to adhere to the Equiterre campaign Un Geste à la Fois, (the Quebec equivalent of David Suzuki’s Nature Challenge.) It is our hope that through these small gestures we set an example for suppliers and other firms like ours. Creating a better future requires concrete action. Our collective success knows no bounds but our imagination. (in French)

Here are some examples of simple actions to draw from. This process is a work in progress. We invite other companies to contact us in order to share their experiences and give us suggestions, so that together we can strengthen the movement.

- Using biodegradable cleaning products
- Purchasing 100% recycled paper for 50% of our needs
- We use the Communauto car pool
- Recycling all admissible materials
- Using of energy efficient light bulbs
- Limiting our use of air conditioning (we prefer ventilators)
- Re-use of VHS tapes for transfers and screening rushes
-  Using only equitable biological coffee and tea
- Using a cloth coffee filter
- Using a cloth shopping bag instead of plastic bags for groceries
- Lowering thermostats at night to reduce indoor heating
- We recycle used batteries by dropping them off
- at the local eco-quartier center or at the fire station
- We privilege the purchase of used books